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23 June 2024, 3:22 PM
Universal Time. (UTC/GMT)

Moon is at its Full Moon on 22 June 2024, 1:08 AM. Sun is in Cancer, Moon in Capricorn, Mercury in Cancer, Venus in Cancer, Mars in Taurus, Jupiter in Gemini, Saturn in Pisces, Uranus in Taurus, Neptune in Pisces, and Pluto in Aquarius.
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Covid 19 Update:
No astrologer or astrological tool, including this AI-based engine, had foreseen the unprecedented pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus.
However, many experts were expecting large scale natural disasters to rock humanity. This is because the two most dreaded planets, Saturn and Pluto meet (conjuncts) at 22°46' Capricorn.
This is a rare cosmic influence, that impacts entire mankind, and should be over by February 2021. Astrologically, good fortunes shall prevail from 20th December 2020, when Jupiter meets Saturn - known as the "Great Conjunction".
Until then, be safe, and keep your loved ones safe.
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Aries Daily Horoscope, 23rd June 2024 Aries Daily Horoscope, 23rd Jun 2024 Aries Daily, 23rd Jun 2024

With the Moon transiting Capricorn now - Square (90°) to your sign, your emotions are all ambitious, determined, and practical especially in one or more matters of your career, reputation, ambitions, and social standing; and let's face it, today you feel, or become aware, of a conflict between what you want and what you need - you are stressed and irritated, and challenged by emotional pressures.
But then, this is just a generic astrological observations for today, and more specific observations are made below for each decan of Aries. Also, note that these astrological considerations are made in terms of:
Universal Time. (UTC/GMT)
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Natives of Decan 1 Aries (with Sun from 0° to 9° Aries, born around March 21 - March 30), and Aries Ascendants of 1st Decan, shall observe the following planetary influences in love, career, and general trends:
Expansion, Growth, Good Luck for 2024
Jupiter represents our optimism, hope and the sense of justice. It is the basis of how we go about trusting others and improving our lives, and how we express our generosity and tolerance. Jupiter's transit expands the area of your life that it touches (influences), drawing your awareness along with it. It stays in each sign for almost a year, as it covers the entire zodiac in 11,9 years.
  • Jupiter, the planet of plenty, continues to favour the sector of your solar chart that rules money, possessions, and values - until 25th May. During this influence, you will seek to expand and grow your money, possessions, self-worth, and comforts, with a focus on enjoyment of recent endeavours and making bigger decisions about your material resources. This is a period of extravagance, and/or overindulgence with comfort foods and items, entertainment, and dating.
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    Till 25th May, Jupiter transits your House II: Money, possessions, and values.
    This cycle brings a profitable and productive period, and causes significant improvements in your earning power, as well as, your value system.
    The transit finds you more confident and enthusiastic about your ability to earn a living - and this can help you to attract more income, as long as you are realistic. Your income might increase, and there may be an opportunity to improve your future financial situation. Monetary situation improves significantly, and financial problems from the past may clear up during this period, if you use it appropriately - developing budgets and working out ways to better manage your resources.
    You will be adding to your possessions, you might receive a large item or gift, or a major purchase or sale can occur now. A significant gift or bonus or job offer may come your way - often abruptly, or out of the blue. A large ticket item that you have wanted for a long time might be purchased. You are likely to make bigger decisions about your material resources during this period - likely happy ones. This is a good time to work with financial institutions, shoot for a raise, or apply for a loan.
    You might also decide to develop your talents during this cycle, which in turn boosts your earning power, or have potential to boost your earnings in the future. There can be real effort put forth in developing your talents and skills, and a stronger work ethic. There is a solid, noticeable relationship between effort and income - the more you put in, the more you receive - and less in the way of delayed rewards for your efforts.
    These positive circumstances won't necessarily fall into your lap, and are unlikely to come all at once - and you need to keep your eyes open for opportunities in these areas of life.
    On the downside, you could be just as inclined to splurge on yourself, opting to plump up your nest or your store of personal possessions in order to feel more secure. You may need to curb an inclination to overspend - feeling good could bring you to the stores as you temporarily forget about the future!
    Overall, you have a "can-do" attitude now. You bring a fresh, positive, and confident attitude towards your own self-worth and value, and to your practical affairs, including work and career. New business ventures are likely to be successful and ongoing ones shall thrive with extra attention and confidence.
    The most favourable periods for all of the above matters are when Jupiter is in direct motion (forward-moving) during this cycle. And, the most potent period of this influence is the first month of this approximately 13-month cycle.
  • From 26th May onwards, Jupiter brings blessings to the sector of your solar chart that rules interactions and intellectual interests - for the rest of the year. During this influence, you will seek to expand and grow your communications, transportations, perception, and mental skills, with an upbeat, positive, and forward-looking thought process and mindset. This is a period to connect happily with neighbours or siblings, and/or long-standing neighborhood problems may be resolved.
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    26th May onwards, Jupiter transits your House III: Communication, and intellectual interests.
    This cycle brings educational and communication opportunities, while you are likely to increase your knowledge and skills set, and find much enjoyment in so doing. Your reasoning skills are sharper than usual, so take advantage!
    The transit finds you expressing your ideas with more enthusiasm and positivity, and they are received well. You are able to comprehend more complicated subjects and problems, and you are able to explain them in such a way that others can readily understand; thus, teaching, authoring, or otherwise delivering information may be prosperous now. Higher level studies, courses, and perhaps some travel opportunities might arise during this cycle. Many of you will benefit from taking courses if you aren't already doing so, and those already involved in studies will benefit more than usual during this period.
    You are especially communicative now - making new friends, and feeling more connected or part of a group. You are likely to enjoy more opportunities through your communications and contact with others. If you're an author, teacher, or otherwise hold another position in communications, you will find more opportunities to advance your trade as your creative juices flow nicely. If you're a student, you are especially favored. If you're in business, your likelihood to find sales are especially strong.
    Neighbours or relatives could be helpful in your life during this cycle. Opportunities present themselves through meetings, courses, teaching, and connections made in the neighbourhood or through siblings. Some existing problems with siblings or neighbours could surface now - and then can be put to rest. There can be more communication, movement, teaching, learning, writing, and errands in your job and daily routines. Some may work with a relative or neighbour.
    You may decide to buy a new car, or transportation opportunities present themselves, making it much easier for you to get from point A to point B. Gifts, benefits, or other opportunities may come through visits, short trips, messages, emails, or they could come through contacts with siblings, classmates, and neighbors. Some sort of positive news or announcement is likely to be part of the picture at this time.
    These positive circumstances won't necessarily fall into your lap, and are unlikely to come all at once - and you need to keep your eyes open for opportunities in these areas of life.
    On the downside, you may tempted to speak of matters without enough discrimination or bias. You might also find it difficult to resist yourself from speaking your mind, even in places you don't belong or not welcome. Excesses are always something to watch out for. Taking on too many daily activities, communications, new interests, and learning endeavors or studies can be a problem now. Don't overload your plate. Communication problems may also get magnified before they can be dealt with. For example, if you have difficulties with a sibling relationship, this might be magnified now and this way, you can better deal with it and solve the problem.
    Overall, you find much joy in communicating, learning, and socializing during this "feel good" period. You might also find that you travel less or not at all, and that you are busier locally. You are more perceptive and have stronger intuition - especially about people you meet.
    The most favourable periods for all of the above matters are when Jupiter is in direct motion (forward-moving) during this cycle. And, the most potent period of this influence is the first month of this approximately 13-month cycle.
  • However, from 10th October to 31st December, when Jupiter is retrograde (backward-moving), your optimism may falter, and you may lack the confidence to surge ahead - especially in matters of interactions, and intellectual interests.

Contraction, Challenges, Lessons for 2024
Saturn represents our conscience, moral conviction, and principles. It is the basis of our boundaries, our responsibilities, and our commitments. Saturn's transit restricts the area of your life that it touches (influences), drawing your limitations along with it. It stays in each sign for around 2 and half years, as it covers the entire zodiac in 29,5 years.
  • Saturn, the planet of rules and strictures, continues to review the sector of your solar chart that rules privacy, spirituality, and spheres of life that is beyond our control - for the rest of the year. During this influence, you will be compelled to streamline your spirituality, inner world, private life, compassion, vulnerabilities, and psychology - facing tests and challenges that strengthen the foundation in these areas. All that lies beneath the surface in your life will come up for inspection, and you will forced to do some serious review.
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    For the entire period, Saturn transits your House XII: Personal life, privacy, and spirituality.
    This cycle challenges your spirituality, inner world, and privacy. These are areas of your life that undergoes contraction, restriction, and necessary "slimming down" in order to test for stable foundations. Results in these areas of your life will not be as forthcoming, or with ease, as they have been in the past.
    Your contemplation of your accomplishments and your "failures" are in strong focus during this transit. Depending on your current age, you may discover vague fears and anxieties that act to undermine your confidence. This is a grounding energy that gets you back in touch with reality - and frees you up to work on resolving them.
    All that lies beneath the surface in your life is now coming up for inspection, and you are forced to do some serious "spring cleaning" of your psyche. You are facing your own demons – the vague fears that undermine you.
    We all have skeletons in our closet. What we don’t always realize is that they can seriously undermine our happiness and well-being. Saturn sweeps through your "closet", and demands that you take a hard look at what’s been hiding in there. Is this process uncomfortable? For some of us, it can be. But getting rid of outdated attachments, and examining and discarding irrational fears, is not only necessary for further growth and development – it is ultimately a huge relief.
    In many ways, this cycle is the dumping ground for things we have left "undone". You haveto sort through the junk and keep only those things that you truly need for future development. This process can be rather lengthy and it can feel very slow, but if done properly, it can be most rewarding. You tend to deal with endings rather than new beginnings during this transit, as you shed outdated attachments and unconsciously prepare yourself for the next cycle - your first house.
    Events will occur that tests your foundations in these areas your life that require a "back to basics" approach in order to build (or rebuild) a strong foundation. There may be tests of sorts in these areas of life, as if the cosmos is checking if the foundations are strong. During this period, anything built on weak foundations may very well crack under the pressure of these tests, and fall apart - gone from your life for good. Those that are strong will endure and strengthen.
    Some of you may be introspective at this time, perhaps isolating yourself from worldly activities and acquaintances a little in some manner. Health issues, generally of a psychosomatic nature, may come to the fore. You may also be attracted to alternate ways of living and to self-help or self-study fields.
    This can also be a time when you give of yourself to others, as you are valuing charity more than usual. You could be struggling with issues of self-worth, and this is a fine time to really explore what it is that holds you back from going after what you want and deserve in life. There can be a retiring, somewhat withdrawn or private element to your personality. You may need to watch that people in your life don not feel rejected by your withdrawal. There can also be a feeling of confinement - hospitals and prisons figure during this period.
    As things start falling apart in the affected areas of your life, it is felt most strongly in the first year of this cycle that lasts approximately 2.5 years.
  • However, from 30th June to 15th November, when Saturn is retrograde (backward-moving), you may review or seek to rectify something that you had previously done, thought, or decided - especially in matters of personal life, privacy, and spirituality.

Excitement, Innovation, Independence for 2024
Uranus represents our sudden inspiration, and lightening insights. It is the basis of our innovative thoughts and ideas, our rebelliousness to break free, and our progression. Uranus' transit disrupts the area of your life that it touches (influences), drawing your intuition along with it. It stays in each sign for around 7 years, as it covers the entire zodiac in 84 years.
  • Uranus, the planet of progression, continues to revolutionalize the sector of your solar chart that rules money, possessions, and values - for the entire year. During this influence, you will undergo radical change in your value system and attitude towards personal finances, while you pursue wonderful opportunities. You are likely to take some risks or innovate in these areas, throughout this lengthy cycle, and the changes may be quite dramatic or erratic or unconventional.
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    For the entire period, Uranus transits your House II: Money, possessions, and values.
    This long-term influence touches your financial matters and value system - in disruptive, exciting, or surprising ways. Some of you are moving towards a less materialistic value system, and others may be encountering unexpected circumstances that bring about a fluctuating or uncertain income.
    Indeed, your attitude towards money or personal possessions is evolving during this long-term cycle. There can be an element of the unexpected or avant-garde that colors your financial picture. There may be new situations developing that are exciting but perhaps a little disruptive with business, work, sexual relationships, or finances.
    The best advice for increasing your earning power now is to nurture your latent inventive or progressive, future-oriented talents. Until then, you could be battling some unpredictability or fluctuations in these areas.
    There may be a trend towards high-tech, advanced fields as the primary source of income in your life, such as through new technologies, science, computers, the Internet, or metaphysics, but this can also point to sideline businesses and income. You are also inclined to take a few more risks with your finances, or unusual ways of making money could be in place during this cycle.
    The most potent period of this influence is the first two years of this approximately 7-year cycle.
  • However, from 1st January to 27th January and from 2nd September to 31st December, when Uranus is retrograde (backward-moving), you may lack the enthusiasm to start or try-out anything new - especially in matters of money, possessions, and values.

Change, Purging, Transformation for 2024
The North Node of Moon, often referred as True Node, is a mathematical point that represents our personal "karmic" imbalance. Along with the South Node, it describes our unavoidable fate It is the basis of our life's mission, the drive or purpose of our life - the innate desire for fulfillment that we are drawn to. It is appropriately known as the "Destiny's Call". True Nodes' transit spotlights the area of your life that is calling your name, and steers your life's path accordingly. Eclipses, on the other hand, re-aligns your path - by opening our eyes to a new perspective, and revealing information that was previously unknown or unconsidered.
  • True Node, the point of destiny's call, continues to draw attention to the sector of your solar chart that rules individual personality and projected self - for the entire year. During this influence, you find happiness (and opportunities) through your independence, and a real need to learn how to rely on yourself.
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    For the entire period, True Node transits your House I: Individual personality and projected self.
    During this period, you will feel a strong desire, perhaps an unexplained need, to overcome any existing fears of trusting your own instincts, or going it alone. You will find immense happiness in learning about yourself, and what you can achieve.
    This cycle constantly draws you to freedom and independence, and to ask and answer your own questions. Feel free to pioneer, or break new grounds!
    There may also be an unconscious need to whatever experience is deemed necessary in order for self-discovery to take place, in whatever area of life you choose to commit. You can benefit greatly through learning about your independence, personal courage, and effectiveness - and that is a wonderful, empowering process in itself.
    Pay heed to your soul's desires, because this is your destiny calling, to direct you towards your destiny. And, no matter what you do, hope, plan, or face in the scheme of cosmic planets - your inner happiness will depend on how much of this desire you can achieve.

Horoscope Overview for 2024
  • Mr. TIOS, the AI-based astrological engine that powers this venture, reminds that these decan-wise horoscopes are general observations for 2024, and far from accurate. The dates and events may vary from individual to individual - as a glance at the observations for different decans would reveal. For more appropriate observations, he needs your date of birth.
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