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15 July 2024, 9:06 PM
Universal Time. (UTC/GMT)

Moon is Waxing (Gibbous) since its First Quarter on 13 July 2024, 10:49 PM. Sun is in Cancer, Moon in Scorpio, Mercury in Leo, Venus in Leo, Mars in Taurus, Jupiter in Gemini, Saturn in Pisces, Uranus in Taurus, Neptune in Pisces, and Pluto in Aquarius.
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Covid 19 Update:
No astrologer or astrological tool, including this AI-based engine, had foreseen the unprecedented pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus.
However, many experts were expecting large scale natural disasters to rock humanity. This is because the two most dreaded planets, Saturn and Pluto meet (conjuncts) at 22°46' Capricorn.
This is a rare cosmic influence, that impacts entire mankind, and should be over by February 2021. Astrologically, good fortunes shall prevail from 20th December 2020, when Jupiter meets Saturn - known as the "Great Conjunction".
Until then, be safe, and keep your loved ones safe.
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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope, 15th July 2024 Sagittarius Daily Horoscope, 15th Jul 2024 Sagittarius Daily, 15th Jul 2024

With the Moon transiting Scorpio now - Semisextile (30°) to your sign, your emotions are all loyal, mysterious, and passionate especially in one or more matters of your inner self, spirituality, charity, compassion, and private life; and let's face it, today what you want and what you need are insignificant for you - you have a slightly awkward or uncomfortable disposition, with a feeling of peace building up.
But then, this is just a generic astrological observations for today, and more specific observations are made below for each decan of Sagittarius. Also, note that these astrological considerations are made in terms of:
Universal Time. (UTC/GMT)
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Natives of Decan 1 Sagittarius (with Sun from 0° to 9° Sagittarius, born around November 23 - December 2), and Sagittarius Ascendants of 1st Decan, shall observe the following planetary influences in love, career, and general trends:
Expansion, Growth, Good Luck for 2024
Jupiter represents our optimism, hope and the sense of justice. It is the basis of how we go about trusting others and improving our lives, and how we express our generosity and tolerance. Jupiter's transit expands the area of your life that it touches (influences), drawing your awareness along with it. It stays in each sign for almost a year, as it covers the entire zodiac in 11,9 years.
  • Jupiter, the planet of plenty, continues to favour the sector of your solar chart that rules health, work, and routine tasks - until 25th May. During this influence, you will seek to expand and grow your work, health, services, and habits, with a desire or need to develop independent endeavours, work projects or duties, and health or fitness routines. This is a period to focus on the details of your work, and you might sometimes feel a little overwhelmed with monotonous tasks.
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    Till 25th May, Jupiter transits your House VI: Health, work, and routine tasks.
    This cycle brings fantastic new life to your daily routines, diet, work, and fitness programs. Stale, lifeless elements of your routine can be put behind you now. You are finding ways to make things fun and rewarding rather than simply going through the motions.
    The transit finds you enjoying the work you do, and it is easier than usual to find employment now - you may get a new job during this cycle, or significantly improve an existing one, and work tends to be very available to you - perhaps even too available in that you don't know which one to choose!
    During this cycle, you are likely to see benefits in the areas of work and health, as well as daily routines. This transit enhances your ability to handle the details required to do a good job, and others become more aware of your skills. Benefits may come through work itself, co-workers, or employees during this cycle. Any type of service that you may provide is likely to go well now, mainly because you are finding more joy in being of service. You are more successful in hiring good workers, if applicable, and improvements to your working environment are likely.
    The best way to handle this transit is to take pride in and recognize your usefulness - this is bound to give you a great deal of joy, and you are likely to be rewarded as a result. As well, the more integrity, directness, and honesty you bring to your services and work, the more "payback" you will receive. Health is likely to prosper now, and medical procedures or programs, if necessary, are more apt to be successful. There may be an inclination to put on some weight, however, if you don't watch your appetite and/or choice of food. Some people get a new pet during this cycle, and this brings them much joy.
    These positive circumstances won't necessarily fall into your lap, and are unlikely to come all at once - and you need to keep your eyes open for opportunities in these areas of life.
    On the downside, you have to watch for taking on too much or going too big. Yes, finding more meaning in your work and daily affairs is exciting, but if you shoot too high, then you may end up with more than you can handle. Sometimes this cycle brings too much of something, and this could mean taking on more work than you can handle, getting lost in the details and organization necessary to keep your daily life running smoothly, and so forth. Watch that overconfidence doesn't lead you to overload your plate.
    Overall, a enhancing period that offers benefits in the areas of work and health, as well as daily routines. A good time for gaining appreciation for what you do or for your skills, for finding work, and for working relationships!
    The most favourable periods for all of the above matters are when Jupiter is in direct motion (forward-moving) during this cycle. And, the most potent period of this influence is the first month of this approximately 13-month cycle.
  • From 26th May onwards, Jupiter brings blessings to the sector of your solar chart that rules partnerships, relationships, and love - for the rest of the year. During this influence, you will seek to expand and grow your partnerships, ability to relate with others, and powers of negotiation, with a freshness that makes you more appealing to others than usual. This is a period for settling legal matters or challenging relationship problems from the past, and/or enjoy an improved social life.
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    26th May onwards, Jupiter transits your House VII: Partnerships, relationships, and love.
    This cycle brings benefits through marriage, serious partnerships, common-law partnerships, business partnerships, negotiations, and/or contractual agreements.
    The transit finds you establishing a significant partnership; or you could be enhancing an existing relationship. Financial benefits could possibly come through partnerships. It is one of the better transits under which to get married!
    For those of you who are already partnered, you are likely to find more joy in close relationships due to a more easygoing and tolerant attitude towards others and partnering in general. It's especially important to be fair with one another and to share your ideas and ideals. However, the need for freedom in your social relationships is strong, and if it is not forthcoming, you could feel caged in and restless.
    During this cycle, you can negotiate more successfully than usual, and, if applicable, you are more likely to win in legal matters or other forms of official negotiations. Legal matters or challenging relationship problems from the past might more easily be resolved now, and even more casual disputes are likely to be settled during this cycle. Also, although this period is generally considered a positive and happy energy, close relationships could end during this cycle - but if they do, it is generally in order to move on to a happier, healthier, more tolerant relationship. A warm, open, and honest approach to others wins you positive new relationships, or enhances existing ones.
    Also, you may find yourself taking on the role of consultant or advisor, or you could benefit from help from same. Good publicity may come your way. If your work involves the public, you can safely expect increased popularity now, or you might receive good reviews, feedback, or word-of-mouth opportunities.
    These positive circumstances won't necessarily fall into your lap, and are unlikely to come all at once - and you need to keep your eyes open for opportunities in these areas of life.
    On the downside, the problem with the transit, for some, is that you might over-reach as a result of these inflated feelings of importance. This need not have been required at all - in fact, you might find that you receive a much-needed boost to your ego at this time.
    Overall, a feel-good period that offers a powerful and optimistic feeling - when relationships and partnerships benefit from expansive, warm energy, or successful new ones are entered into!
    The most favourable periods for all of the above matters are when Jupiter is in direct motion (forward-moving) during this cycle. And, the most potent period of this influence is the first month of this approximately 13-month cycle.
  • However, from 10th October to 31st December, when Jupiter is retrograde (backward-moving), your optimism may falter, and you may lack the confidence to surge ahead - especially in matters of partnerships, relationships, and love.

Contraction, Challenges, Lessons for 2024
Saturn represents our conscience, moral conviction, and principles. It is the basis of our boundaries, our responsibilities, and our commitments. Saturn's transit restricts the area of your life that it touches (influences), drawing your limitations along with it. It stays in each sign for around 2 and half years, as it covers the entire zodiac in 29,5 years.
  • Saturn, the planet of rules and strictures, continues to review the sector of your solar chart that rules home and family, roots and origins - for the rest of the year. During this influence, you will be compelled to streamline your home, family, living conditions, roots and ancestry, domestic activities, and securities - facing tests and challenges that strengthen the foundation in these areas. You are likely to be overburdened with responsibilities and demands of domestic life, with unsympathetic family members.
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    For the entire period, Saturn transits your House IV: Domestic life, home, and family.
    This cycle challenges your family, home, and parents. These are areas of your life that undergoes contraction, restriction, and necessary "slimming down" in order to test for stable foundations. Results in these areas of your life will not be as forthcoming, or with ease, as they have been in the past.
    Your home, family, and domestic concerns are in strong focus during this transit. Depending on your age, you will be building your nest, not in a "plumping your nest" sort of way. This is a grounding energy that gets you back in touch with reality - and you may be stripping some things away - perhaps even downsizing or de-cluttering, and adding structure to your domestic life.
    You are likely to face issues surrounding your attachments to the past. Sometimes this manifests as literal re-organization of your home. Moving house is not typically associated with this transit as it would if, for example, Uranus was the transiting planet. If moves are made, you might encounter some resistance in yourself or the move might be a source of stress and worry; or you may be downsizing.
    This may not be a time when you feel particularly brave in the outer world. However, reorganization in your home, and more importantly, in your soul/personal life, embodies the true nature of this transit. Many will go through a major "spring cleaning" inside.
    Limitations that came from early family conditioning will be brought to the fore. There may be some frustration with your life to date, and how you may have limited your opportunities because of early conditioning. A feeling of being alone and unsupported in life may dominate at times now. Some may experience some distancing or frustrations regarding your parents. Family obligations may seem to get in the way of your experience of pleasure and of the achievement of your personal goals. There may be some emotional distancing as well in your home environment. Your current living conditions may feel restrictive, limiting, too small or cramped (physically and/or emotionally). Delays and slowdowns may be experienced in the areas of health, mobility, and career. Working from home is a strong possibility during this period.
    Events will occur that tests your foundations in these areas your life that require a "back to basics" approach in order to build (or rebuild) a strong foundation. There may be tests of sorts in these areas of life, as if the cosmos is checking if the foundations are strong. During this period, anything built on weak foundations may very well crack under the pressure of these tests, and fall apart - gone from your life for good. Those that are strong will endure and strengthen.
    All of these things occur so that you start work on making improvements and in order that you face your responsibilities, become more self-sufficient, and more organized. Ultimately, you are learning to rely on yourself and to take care of things that you may have previously neglected but that have undermined your confidence in yourself and in your life!
    Bringing more structure and discipline to your domestic life may be in order, and is likely to work very well in your favor. The end result, as this cycle reaches its climax, your home is likely to be in tip-top shape and family life should be more organized. This can benefit you greatly in the long run!
    As things start falling apart in the affected areas of your life, it is felt most strongly in the first year of this cycle that lasts approximately 2.5 years.
  • However, from 30th June to 15th November, when Saturn is retrograde (backward-moving), you may review or seek to rectify something that you had previously done, thought, or decided - especially in matters of domestic life, home, and family.

Excitement, Innovation, Independence for 2024
Uranus represents our sudden inspiration, and lightening insights. It is the basis of our innovative thoughts and ideas, our rebelliousness to break free, and our progression. Uranus' transit disrupts the area of your life that it touches (influences), drawing your intuition along with it. It stays in each sign for around 7 years, as it covers the entire zodiac in 84 years.
  • Uranus, the planet of progression, continues to revolutionalize the sector of your solar chart that rules health, work, and routine tasks - for the entire year. During this influence, you will undergo radical change in your work and daily routines, while you bring fresh insight into your work, disregarding rules and schedules. You are likely to take some risks or innovate in these areas, throughout this lengthy cycle, and the changes may be quite dramatic or erratic or unconventional.
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    For the entire period, Uranus transits your House VI: Health, work, and routine tasks.
    This long-term influence touches your work, daily routines, and health - in disruptive, exciting, or surprising ways. Life may throw you a few curve balls, shaking up your daily routine and perhaps your attitude towards your work and your health. At the root of this, is an urge to break free from the confines of routine, and some distaste for fitting into a mould.
    During this transit, irregular schedules and perhaps some disruptions and tensions are possible. Your working hours may become non-traditional, or you might be moving towards a more unconventional job. You are restless with routines, and you tend to answer to your own internal rhythm rather than paying attention to society's (and nature's!) rhythms.
    You move towards a fresher approach to how you approach your work and the daily details of your life. Ideally, through the course of this transit, you get to a better routine, job, or set of habits that allow you enough freedoms to explore your creativity. Work that is limiting or lifeless really drags you down, and you tend to approach tasks with erratic or haphazard energy–you work tirelessly at certain times, and procrastinate at other times, for example. It would be wise to find work that offers you not only variety and stimulation but also the chance to invent and create. Progressive, part-time, or unconventional tasks hold the most appeal to you these days.
    You may also take an interest in alternative health methods. You would benefit greatly from yoga or other mind-body therapies now. While some of you may be more interested in alternative health practices, some of you may be ignoring important health routines. Watch for carelessness with your health. Try to keep regular health appointments.
    Ultimately, you are looking for a more authentic expression of yourself on the level of work, and while it can be a little chaotic for now, you are learning to tap into your "inner genius".
    The most potent period of this influence is the first two years of this approximately 7-year cycle.
  • However, from 1st January to 27th January and from 2nd September to 31st December, when Uranus is retrograde (backward-moving), you may lack the enthusiasm to start or try-out anything new - especially in matters of health, work, and routine tasks.

Change, Purging, Transformation for 2024
The North Node of Moon, often referred as True Node, is a mathematical point that represents our personal "karmic" imbalance. Along with the South Node, it describes our unavoidable fate It is the basis of our life's mission, the drive or purpose of our life - the innate desire for fulfillment that we are drawn to. It is appropriately known as the "Destiny's Call". True Nodes' transit spotlights the area of your life that is calling your name, and steers your life's path accordingly. Eclipses, on the other hand, re-aligns your path - by opening our eyes to a new perspective, and revealing information that was previously unknown or unconsidered.
  • True Node, the point of destiny's call, continues to draw attention to the sector of your solar chart that rules pleasure and creativity - for the entire year. During this influence, you find happiness (and opportunities) through your playful expressions, and a real need to stand out from the crowd.
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    For the entire period, True Node transits your House V: Romance, pleasure, and creativity.
    During this period, you will feel a strong desire, perhaps an unexplained need, to express yourself more playfully and uniquely. You will find immense happiness in standing out from the crowd, love affairs, and sharing your heart.
    This cycle constantly draws you to take personal risks, which requires a certain amount of self-confidence, will help you to achieve inner balance and happiness. Don't be afraid to get creative, go steady, and stand out!
    There may also be an unconscious need for recognition and acknowledgement, and there will be a strong need to take control of the special destiny and shape it out of the strength of the will. You can benefit greatly from making a conscious effort to deal with others in a more personal, involved, and loving manner, rather than falling back on reason and intellect which detaches you from your feelings.
    Pay heed to your soul's desires, because this is your destiny calling, to direct you towards your destiny. And, no matter what you do, hope, plan, or face in the scheme of cosmic planets - your inner happiness will depend on how much of this desire you can achieve.

Horoscope Overview for 2024
  • Mr. TIOS, the AI-based astrological engine that powers this venture, reminds that these decan-wise horoscopes are general observations for 2024, and far from accurate. The dates and events may vary from individual to individual - as a glance at the observations for different decans would reveal. For more appropriate observations, he needs your date of birth.
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