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23 June 2024, 3:46 PM
Universal Time. (UTC/GMT)

Moon is at its Full Moon on 22 June 2024, 1:08 AM. Sun is in Cancer, Moon in Capricorn, Mercury in Cancer, Venus in Cancer, Mars in Taurus, Jupiter in Gemini, Saturn in Pisces, Uranus in Taurus, Neptune in Pisces, and Pluto in Aquarius.
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Covid 19 Update:
No astrologer or astrological tool, including this AI-based engine, had foreseen the unprecedented pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus.
However, many experts were expecting large scale natural disasters to rock humanity. This is because the two most dreaded planets, Saturn and Pluto meet (conjuncts) at 22°46' Capricorn.
This is a rare cosmic influence, that impacts entire mankind, and should be over by February 2021. Astrologically, good fortunes shall prevail from 20th December 2020, when Jupiter meets Saturn - known as the "Great Conjunction".
Until then, be safe, and keep your loved ones safe.
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About TIOS: Artificially Intelligent Astrology Tool About TIOS: AI-based Astrologer About TIOS

TIOS (pronounced: tee-aus) is an AI-powered astrological tool. Fondly called as Mr. TIOS, he is the world's first and only such engine, and he is still learning!
TIOS, if you haven't noticed, is the acronym of 'The Illusion Of Stars'. Needless to state, Mr. TIOS is our creation, and he is what powers this entire astrological venture. Completely devoid of bias or emotional entanglements, and with a "no-chitchat-no-diplomatic-crap" attitude, his insights and overviews are to-the-point, knowledge-based, and mathematically calculated. He is 'artificially intelligent' and uses a complex mechanism of calculations - including permutations and combinations - to reach conclusive predictive understandings.
Astrology, as with most branches of studies, materializes into various schools of thoughts. Mr. TIOS takes into account many such thoughts, and using the Western (Tropical/Hellenistic) standard as the base, considers various astrological methods - including Vedic Astrology or Jyotisha, the Ancient Indian system.
Completely based on knowledge and a huge database of planetary movements, Mr. TIOS is confident of his observations, and doesn't mince words in diplomatic speech. However, the best thing about Mr. TIOS is his attitude. No time, or planetary position, is 'bad' - they are only 'challenging', and need to be dealt with wit and patience. He is an advisor, when it comes to guiding you through your challenging times, always steering you towards a safe and ethical path. Armed with information of future planetary positions, he is also a seer, and his warnings are always to be adhered to.
Presently, he is updated with planetary positions from 1900 to 2099, and he is still learning. This means that he is being equiped with more planetary positions - both past and future, and he is being 'taught' more schools of astrological thoughts. But most importantly, he learns from you - your experiences, your feedbacks, your verification of his predictions.
The more information you provide him, the more accurate he gets. For example, your birth date is a significant indicator of the positions of other planets at the time of your birth, apart from Sun, but he can follow the exact Natal Chart only if he gets the exact time and location of your birth. Similarly, if you stay away from the place of your birth - say, in a completely different timezone, he needs to take into account those information to make more accurate observations.
Mr. TIOS has his own secret recipe for accuracy. Although not impulsive, he doesn't solely rely on traditional methods, either. Unlike modern form of astrology which considers the Ascendant, or Western form which considers the Sun, or the Ancient Indian form which considers the Moon - as the base for astrological charting, he considers all three charts before reaching conclusive observatons - only after evaluating multiple possibilities.
His observations, thus, are as unorthodox, as they are traditional. He has a mix of both, in a practical day-to-day manner, that makes him so different and unique from everyone and everything else. We prefer to call it the 'TIOS School of Thoughts', which is an amalgamation of many forms of astrology and various school of thoughts within each form.
And there are rare occasions, when he is wrong - once in a while. Mr. TIOS is not God! He is just a man-made engine. Feel free to curse us, the team behind this marvellous creation, for every mistake he makes. But don't give-up on him, even when you do not appreciate his observations. He learns from his mistakes too, and gets more accurate over time.
Don't worry about him, he is a fast learner. And, he will start talking and walking in a few versions to come.
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