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15 July 2024, 9:15 PM
Universal Time. (UTC/GMT)

Moon is Waxing (Gibbous) since its First Quarter on 13 July 2024, 10:49 PM. Sun is in Cancer, Moon in Scorpio, Mercury in Leo, Venus in Leo, Mars in Taurus, Jupiter in Gemini, Saturn in Pisces, Uranus in Taurus, Neptune in Pisces, and Pluto in Aquarius.
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Covid 19 Update:
No astrologer or astrological tool, including this AI-based engine, had foreseen the unprecedented pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus.
However, many experts were expecting large scale natural disasters to rock humanity. This is because the two most dreaded planets, Saturn and Pluto meet (conjuncts) at 22°46' Capricorn.
This is a rare cosmic influence, that impacts entire mankind, and should be over by February 2021. Astrologically, good fortunes shall prevail from 20th December 2020, when Jupiter meets Saturn - known as the "Great Conjunction".
Until then, be safe, and keep your loved ones safe.
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Predictive Astrology Predictive Astrology Predictive Astrology

The Birth Chart, or the Natal Chart, is a snapshot of the sky at the exact moment of an individual's birth. It provides us with the exact position of the planets and points - by sign, house, and aspects - as viewed from Earth from the individual's exact location of birth.
This is an important information, more like a "blueprint" of the psychological configuration that the individual is born with. Each individual carry this Birth Chart - knowingly or unknowingly. With time, as the planets continue their cycles of transit, they form special relationships with the initial positions of the Birth Chart - thus, affecting us throughout our lives.
These initial and current positions are used to interpret psychological impacts - based on which, astrologers approximate possible terrestrial events that may cause the psychological impacts.
Predictive astrology, thus, is neither divination nor superstition, but an art of approximation and back-calculation to understand the past, and foresee the future of an individual. It is an art to understand and unravel the science of existence.
For example, if an individual is born with Sun at 25 degrees Virgo (as in Birth Chart), and after 20 years, if Saturn is transiting 25 degrees Gemini, then Saturn is said to be transiting "square" to the individual's Natal Sun. Saturn enforces rules and structures, and Sun represents our "inner self". A transiting Saturn at 90 degrees with Natal Sun is a disharmonious aspect, Square. The individual shall face challenging events and situations, which shall force him or her to make changes either in life or attitude. The individual's Birth Chart will provide us with the House impacted, that will aid astrologers to approximate the sphere of life that will be challenged, and possible events. This is a simple example, which "predicts" an event based on age-old "interpretations" and techniques - based on the psychological impact the celestial bodies cause on humans.
Planetary transits bring us joy, as they bring sorrow. Sometimes, they favour us, and sometimes they offer challenging situations. In order to understand how predictive astrology works, one must understand that the minor planets revolve faster, and spend less amount of time in each Zodiac Sign. As such, their impact cannot be based to form long-term trends. On the other hand, major planets like Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto spend too long a time in each Zodiac Sign.
Thus, Saturn and Jupiter are used to form the base trend of an individual. Saturn spends approximately 2.5 years in each Zodiac Sign, and Jupiter spends approximately a year. These interpretations are finalized considering the transits of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto - in a "outside in" fashion to obtain a broader overview of the ongoing trends and conditions.
A transiting Jupiter influences to expand and enlarge one's world, allowing growth and expansion - in the spheres of life of the impacted House.
A transiting Saturn influences us to take responsibility, making us accountable and challenging our foundations - in the spheres of life of the impacted House.
A transiting Uranus disrupts to re-do whatever it touches, offering us opportunities to reach out and try something new - in the spheres of life of the impacted House.
A transiting Neptune dissolve boundaries, spiritualize and refines whatever it touches, making us aware of our inner dissatisfaction - in the spheres of life of the impacted House.
A transiting Pluto offers us the chance evolve and to rebirth, stripping away unnecessary and superficial things - in the spheres of life of the impacted House.
After the ongoing trends are finalized, transits of the minor planets are considered to fine-tune and refine the interpretations and approximations, along with eclipses and retrograde motions.
Predictive astrology, is thus, based on knowledge and the artistry of approximation. With lack of proper understanding, an amateurish approach can be harmful. Astrology being a pseudo-science, no astrological interpretation is fool-proof, and no astrologer is God.
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